One is the Loneliest Number

We are waiting on just one document before we can send in our home study document packet. It’s my employment letter, of course, probably because I’m supposed to do a lot more growing as a person by calling people repeatedly. Since I’m a pansy who hates bothering people, I’d probably give it another week, but we are leaving on vacation the 25th, and I’d like to have this first packet of papers all in order and mailed to our agency before we go. The original goal was to have all the paperwork collected by vacation, for both home study and dossier, but it looks like we’ll have a few more things to collect for the dossier after vacation. I hate leaving things undone, but the list is short enough that I can still relax while we’re across the pond.

I keep telling myself that any delays we experience are only in place to insure that we get the right baby at the right time, and most of the time I believe it. It wouldn’t do to get the wrong Magnolia, so I’ll take a deep breath and keep plugging away until it’s all taken care of and we have a baby girl in our arms.

In the meantime, you can pray or send good thoughts or whatever it is you do. I’d really love it if I didn’t have to disturb that nice CPA one more time.

Thanks for being along for the ride, everyone.


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