I’ve sent my info to the third CPA I’ve contacted so far, and I have yet to hear back from him. He’s a small town (Clinton, MO) CPA, so it’s possible it doesn’t occur to him to check his email every day. I’ll follow up tomorrow. If he can’t help me, it’s on to the next person on the list. Unless you happen to know of a CPA that can sign my letter of employment and who isn’t all nervous about insurance issues. I understand the reluctance, and yet I don’t know why it is so difficult to simply verify the information I am giving and sign the letter. The people I work for (only two families) will vouch for my explanation of hours and rates. I do understand that CPAs who work for big firms have to consider the entire firm when they make their decision, so I’m not bad-mouthing people who really have no control over the types of things they can accept. But individuals? Come on! Don’t you love babies? You do, right? JUST SIGN MY EMPLOYMENT LETTER. PLEASE.

We are still waiting on Jarod’s employment letter as well, but for that I might just have to kick it into gear myself and go sweet talk his boss. Jarod is very busy at work, and I know he doesn’t see his store manager very much, but I know what he looks like, and I’m pretty sure I can trip over him with a big plate of cookies in my hands and get somewhere. These letters really are very straightforward. I’ve typed them out with the appropriate wording, and all that needs to be done is for two copies to be made onto letterhead, one signed anywhere, and one signed in front of a notary. Not hard, right? No! Easy! HERE ARE SOME COOKIES. JUST SIGN THE LETTER. PLEASE.

Since we are momentarily stalled, I feel less like buying things for our hypothetical child, which is good. However, I do have an Amazon baby registry, the purpose of which at this point is to remind me what I’ve found to buy but am holding off on purchasing for now. If you take a gander, you will find an unusually high ratio of Baby Legs to other stuff, plus some expensive stroller blankets. “Can’t you get blankets that size at Target for, like $12.99?” you may ask. Yes, you can, but they’re not as pretty.

While it is frustrating to be stalled, at the same time I’m feeling okay about it, despite being annoyed that someone can’t just help me already with my employment letter. I had hoped to have all our paperwork ready to go by the time we leave for vacation, but I’m getting more comfortable with the idea that it probably won’t be. It will be mostly done. What we can do, we will. And when we get it in, and when we get on the waiting list, it will be the right time. When we receive our referral, it will be the right daughter, it will be our daughter, it will be Magnolia, who we’ve waited for and dreamed of and longed for and held in our hearts all this time. When I look back, I doubt I’ll think, “Oh, if only I had pushed harder to get our paperwork done much faster!” I’ll likely think, instead, at least I hope I will, that everything happened just right.


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