When It’s Too Late to Call a CPA

If there’s nothing else you can do right this minute, you can just work toward your adoption by putting clothes you bought for your baby on the cat.

i'm already a cat, you moron
Cats do not need sweaters with cat ears on them. I already have my own cat ears, thankyouverymuch. Idiots.

i know where your pillow is, and my bladder is full
This is what humiliation looks like. Kill me now.

We are closing in on the documents we need for our home study, and the dossier folder is filling fast as well. I’ve got three different CPAs to call to get my employment letter*, and as much as I’d love to have done that already, um…yeah. Working for four different families and trying to keep up with the Gymboree sale rack laundry has kept me more than busy. Thursday is our Official Adoption Work Day, so Thursday will be the day it gets done. Because CPAs? Apparently aren’t in the office when it’s 2am and I can’t sleep because I want to get more things checked off the list.

However! Our DVD training series came in the mail today, and I can watch that anytime. Here’s to adoption nerds overachieving on the quizzes!

*Because I am embarking on being self-employed as opposed to working for a family or a company, I need a letter from a CPA that states officially that I am self-employed. However, because I have no documentation from being self-employed previously–you know, since I’m just starting now–it’s a little trickier than I thought it would be. But I will make it happen! An employment letter shall be mine! Eventually!



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2 responses to “When It’s Too Late to Call a CPA

  1. You have a beautiful kitty. And nice taste in clothes!

  2. those clothes are so. cute.
    Magnolia will be even more beautiful in them than Lucy. A big “Aaawwww!!” was heard in my house upon seeing the clothes… she will be the best dressed baby around! 🙂

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