While We’re Waiting

Right now I am pretty much obsessed with checking things off the paperwork list, and while I sometimes think about the time between turning it all in and when we get our referral, it’s not something that worries me very much. Time has been flying by so quickly lately, and I feel that any amount of time we have to wait will be okay. I know that a lot of families wait anxiously for their referral and find that time to be almost unbearable. But for me, I think that part will be the easy part. We won’t have any paperwork to get exactly right before we turn it it. We won’t have to gently remind anyone that we need anything from them or assertiveness to muster up to get what we need from my doctor’s office.

And…we’ll get to sleep in. I have worked with children for years now, and it is not lost on me that sleeping in is a privilege. Every time the toddler I take care of on Saturdays decides to wake up shortly after I arrive at 6:30am, I make note to savor the time we have before we will have an adorable little alarm clock in the next room.

The time I worry about is the time between when we see the first photo of our daughter and when we go pick her up, when someone else who is not me or Jarod is determining what she eats and when she sleeps and what she is dressed in for the day. That will be the hard part. And at that point, I’ll probably be keyed up enough that sleeping excessively won’t be very possible anyway.

Which is okay since I’ll need to be up early shop for clothes other than jammies, right?


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