How to Shop for Your Hypothetical Baby: A Primer

One of the difficult things about being paper pregnant as opposed to regular pregnant is that we have no idea exactly how old our baby will be when she is referred to us, nor what season it will be when she comes home. This makes clothes shopping rather difficult. So there’s really just one thing to do: buy jammies.

magnolia's jammies

I’ve got quite a collection already. If it gets worse, someone might have to stage an intervention. But how cute are those robot jammies? And the monsters? Come on. If you were me, you would have put them in the cart with the cat litter, too.

Probably you also would have thrown in some socks, and maybe you also have some bibs. Who can say, really, except every single person that has come to your house that has been forced to view all the baby gear?



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3 responses to “How to Shop for Your Hypothetical Baby: A Primer

  1. AWESOME! Do you have a big cat or a small dog?

    (They look cute in them too.)

    (I was like 12,000 months pregnant and BORED.)

  2. Mom

    Hey, leave something for Nana to purchase!! 🙂

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