Another Fabulous Thursday Night

Around here, Thursdays are Official Adoption Work Days. While we didn’t get much done during the day today, we both got to work in the evening. Jarod sat on the sofa, watching a movie while writing his autobiography, while I painted the ceiling of our bedroom.

another rockin' thursday night

Once we get all the home study paperwork together, someone will be coming to our home to see if it’s suitable, and far be it from us to leave our bedroom looking like that. They might turn around and walk right back out upon seeing that monstrosity. This is the project that never ends–I initially thought I could scrape off all the old wallpaper and paint, but it turns out it’s not just wallpaper under there. Someone thought it would be awesome to throw in some textured plaster in random places. In addition, the original wallpaper from 1946 is stuck tight. So today we went to Lowe’s and got some paintable wallpaper for “problem walls,” and tonight I painted the ceiling. You’ll notice I didn’t bother to properly protect any of our furniture, and in fact, just pulled back the quilt on the bed so I wouldn’t get any white paint splatters on it accidentally. As for the sheets, well, they’re white and the paint is white and thin enough that it should wash out with a good soak tomorrow if there even is any on there. (Please note my entry into the run-on sentence contest there.) So far I haven’t noticed any, but the paint fumes dried out my contacts a little bit, so how would I know? It feels good to have one more thing checked off the list.

Tomorrow: my autobiography and the financial statement. We are all kinds of exciting around here.



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2 responses to “Another Fabulous Thursday Night

  1. Sharon

    Lookin’ good. You know I’d help paint, etc. if I could.

  2. Gloeta

    Love this photo of you. What a journey!

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