Paperwork, Paperwork, Always More Paperwork

Just when I was about to post and say that I really don’t feel like we’re knee deep in paperwork, I got an e-mail from our caseworker that included a new list of home study documents I need. So for the moment, yes, I do feel like I am knee deep in paperwork. Maybe neck deep; it always feels overwhelming to get a new set of instructions when there’s not much I can do about it from where I sit right now. I’m sure a trip to Kinko’s and scheduling a vet appointment will alleviate that feeling to a small degree, and just getting each document one by one will gradually lessen the pressure.

I was talking to a friend lately about someone she knows who is going through IVF, and while infertility is not our reason for adopting, I cannot imagine that IVF would be any simpler than this. It is certainly more painful. What am I going to get by doing this, a papercut? Skinned knee tripping up parking garage steps? The process is long and it seems like little things always need to be tweaked to get the documents right, but I feel blessed and lucky that this is what we are doing as opposed to something much more medically and physically intense.

I find that I have a lot of small questions on a regular basis, and I sometimes wish I knew someone well who had gone through this already. I know that once we get it all figured out, I will be more than happy to help anyone who wants to pursue this get all their tiny little ducks in a row.

I did have one slightly negative experience lately involving my doctor’s office, and was a little panicked that I was going to have to go in and put the smack down and demand my documents done right and done right in front of me (and my notary, as that was partly the problem–no one in the office seemed to believe me that to have something notarized, you have to sign it in front of a notary), but it turns out that I have a valid reason for going to see the doctor (shingles vaccination–YESSSSS!!!!), so now I can just take my notary along with me and say, “If you don’t mind, doctor, before we’re done here I’d like you to just sign this paper, which is similar to what you signed before, except laid out correctly and on the letterhead I scanned in from another document you sent me. I don’t know if you noticed, but I have a notary sitting next to me. Would you mind producing some photo ID? Here’s a pen.”



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4 responses to “Paperwork, Paperwork, Always More Paperwork

  1. You’ve probably already done this, but I can find a list of international adoption bloggers, if you want to ask them about anything..

  2. It’s not funny, per se — because bureaucracy and red tape rarely is when it’s happening to you — but, while reading the notary paragraph, all I could picture was the scene in Annie Hall when Alvy produces Marshall McLuhan from behind a standee in the movie theater lobby to smack down the pretentious lout in front of them who thinks he knows so much about McLuhan because he teaches a class about him.

    I haven’t had a chance to say so yet, but I wish you both patience, strength and only the best of all possible outcomes with this process.

  3. Liz

    There are lots of international adoption bloggers – I’m one myself – when I was first starting out and searching for info on adoption they kept popping up in my google searches and once you find one or two you’re hooked into the while community and can find as many as you need/want/have time to follow!

    I was lucky that someone in my doctor’s office is a notary so I didn’t have to bring one with me, and my upstairs neighbor is a notary so she notarized almost everything else for me.

    Good luck with the paperchase!

  4. Carol Hattrup

    My very good friend, Tracy, has a daughter from China. Her name is Dori and she’s Nathan’s best friend. Have you met her or heard me talk about her? Anyway, Tracy would be delighted to answer any questions you have. Just email me and I’ll hook you up. You have my email address, don’t you?

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