Time for a USPS Visit

We finally have everything together to mail our application to CHI, and I’ll be doing so this afternoon. What would have been fairly straightforward for most people ended up being a bit more complicated for us due to two factors:

1. The agency requires two photos of the couple in which neither is wearing hat or sunglasses. We didn’t have any that fit the bill; in each photo of us as a couple, one or both of us is wearing hat, sunglasses, or all of the above. This is what happens when most of the photos taken of you are taken on vacation. And when the future father has the crazy hair. Special thanks to Eric Hurst and Rob Lam for taking photos of us sans hats and sunglasses, and to Kit at Mood Swings for giving Jarod the Hip, Capable Dad Cut that I requested. You made us look super responsible and parental!

2. We are in the process of painting the house. Jarod’s parents graciously showed up while we weren’t even home to finish painting the front a week ago, and Jarod finished the touch-ups on Sunday so we could finally take the exterior photo.

For those of you who may go through this process in the future (or who are simply curious), the items that are included in the initial agency application are:

1. Agency application (duh). We received one in the mail with our info packet in December, but ended up downloading the updated application since it had been so long since we requested the packet.

2. Check for the application fee. This varies by agency; for CHI it is $100.

3. Photos of the couple (2 non-professional, candid-type, without hats or sunglasses), the exterior of the home (1), the interior of the home (3 of different rooms), and of other children in the home (1) if there are any.

I also included a personal note and tied the photos together with ribbon. This is because I really want them to like us, and what says AWESOME more than fine ribbon (ahem*dollarbinatMichael’s*ahem) and a handwritten note on stationery I’ve had for a decade?

I admit that I am a bit nervous mailing this. I have no idea how the review process works. We don’t have skeletons in our closet, but I still get nervous. What if they don’t like us? What if they check some record we don’t know about and it contains inaccurate information? What if they think my Muppet checks are tacky? I mean, doesn’t everyone like the Swedish Chef? Or should I have gone a check ahead and done Miss Piggy and Kermit?

As you can see, all my concerns are valid and warranted.

Cross your fingers for us, please.


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