And so we begin

This is being written before many of you know just what we’re doing.  What began as a discussion when we were dating has become something we are pursuing now.  Today we filled out our application to adopt through Children’s Hope International.  Before we sign and send it in, Jarod needs a physical and we need to write a check.  That’s it.  We’re on our way.

We decided to call this site Finding Magnolia because we are requesting a little girl, and we are planning to name her Magnolia.  I feel very strongly that the child we are meant to parent is out there already, at least as a glimmer in an eye, a wish on the wind.  We just have to find her.

And we will.



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4 responses to “And so we begin

  1. I hope I won’t have to read this blog long – that Magnolia (what a pretty name!) is found and in your arms very soon!

  2. Yay for girls! Totally believing with you that Magnolia will be home with you two soon! Exciting!

  3. Carol Hattrup

    I didn’t realize until now! Just saw the news on facebook and followed the link to this blog. I’m so happy for you! Thanks for sharing your journey in this blog. I can’t WAIT to meet your daughter someday!

  4. Okay, I made it to the beginning…no need to answer the agency question! I’ll admit I skimmed some of the paper-chase entries, if for no other reason than our own paper-chase still haunts me. Sorry.

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